Why Wiggy Wiggy?

Wiggy Wiggy is a new and refreshing way to buy your meat. We believe in providing you quality meat in the best condition and offering you options in how to buy it or have it delivered.

The finest meat on the market

At Wiggy Wiggy, we believe your meat and spices need to be of the highest quality in taste, looks and freshness hence we have partnered with leading farms to bring you best in class meat products to you within 24 hours of slaughter. Coupled with our high standards of a state-of-the- art production facilities to make sure the product is packaged and sealed in a professional way with the highest levels of hygiene observed.

By choosing to buy Wiggy Wiggy meat products, you can be rest assured you have the best of
the best with the highest levels of hygiene observed. That is our guarantee!!!!

Who is Wiggy Wiggy?

Wiggy Wiggy Is a new type of cold store focused on quality rather than quantity. Unlike the traditional cold store focused on getting imported meat that has been deep freeze for months,
Wiggy Wiggy partners with local farmers focused on providing quality meat. Coupled with our purpose-built state-of-the-art production center allows us to process and package all kinds of meat under the highest level of hygiene and controls. We know we are unique, and this even reflected in our shop’s setup. Feel free to stop by and enjoy the bright colors as it defines our approach to everything we do. Fun and energetic.

A Selection for your tasting

At Wiggy Wiggy, our vision is to be the leading provider of the best-in-class quality meat and accessories. It is from this vision that a mission to only partner with local farmers who believe in the quality of care, what is fed to the animal and cleanliness. Our stores and this website are all means of delivering this wonderful product to you. Enjoy this site and please feel free to give any comments or feedback using the comment box. We look forward to processing your order and thank you for your business and please come by again.

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